A Good Start

Posted by
Peter (Warkworth, New Zealand) on 29 March 2019 in Sport & Recreation.

Race day at Te Aroha a colorful spectacle; a few minutes of excitement with long waits in between. A popular sport with punters and mostly for TV these days I believe. The local races provided an opportunity for a photographer to test his technique on moving subjects which is something I don't often do. The participants take things very seriously indeed and their earnest expressions show that, the competition is intense. I found the drama and excitement of the punters interesting until a horse in a hurdle race broke its lower leg on the last fence in front of the stands. The poor animal's lower leg was dangling loosely and it was led to rail in front of the crowd and a large screen erected. It was examined by the duty vet and then quickly euthanized behind the screen, the lady owner being led away in tears. It was then wrapped up in a tarpaulin and carted away on a trailer pulled by a tractor. Sad, although the horses seem, judging by their enthusiasm, to enjoy doing what they have been trained for. It was a sad end to an exciting day but I decided that was my last visit to the race track.

Time to shoot a few snaps but still - Rather short of time at present with study and work but having a look at everyone's splendid images when I can.